Friday, January 14, 2011

Ward Four Thrives Joins Living Wages, Healthy Communities Coalition

Ward Four Thrives is thrilled to be a part of the city-wide coalition - Living Wages Healthy Communities- resisting the WalMartization of our communities. W4T's position remains unchanged:

1. Wal Mart is not right for Ward Four
2. There are better alternatives for the space
3. Ward Four needs community-led development!

We support the self determination of the other wards and community groups represented in the coalition, and will support the mission of the group.

In light of the partnership, we'll be marching with the rest of the coalition on MLK Day on the MLK Peace Walk. Please join us behind the Living Wages Healthy Communities banner, and get involved with Ward Four Thrives!

Meet 9 AM on Monday January 17th at the Anacostia Metro Station near the "kiss and ride" exit. For more info contact Mike Wilson:!

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