Monday, January 24, 2011

ANC 4 B meeting with Michael Brown about Wal Mart

Wal Mart ANC 4B with at large comm Michael Brown

75 + people attended ANC 4B meeting to discuss Wal Mart. Michael Brown's quick poll of the room shows 2-3 people pro Wal Mart and 70 against.

ANC commissioners want to know if ANC 4 B will pass a motion to call for public hearings and Brown agrees to support the motion.

Brown confirms that Large Tract Review and the executive office have the final say on Foulger Pratt's development plan.

When asked if he would support the community in opposing Wal Mart-Now about 700 signatures strong- Brown insists on waiting for the official plan before stating a position.

Relevant points raised include the fact that Wal Mart funds groups opposed to DC Statehood, to which Brown had no response. It was also raised that something needs to go on the site.

And a closing point: if Brown claims Mayor Gray and the city council can't stop Wal Mart, what's the point of city council? Philly was referenced as having stopped Wal Mart from moving in.

Contact Brown:
202. 724 8105

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