Wednesday, January 5, 2011

ANC 4B Gets in Gear

The ANC that is home to the Curtis-Chevrolet site has formed a committee to address development of the lot. The only somewhat awkwardly named Committee on Square 2986, after the lot designation's number given by the city, is made up of several subcommittees, including:

1. Large Tract Review (Richard Layman, Chair) - to examine the large tract review and any other engineering issues of the development

2. Alternatives to Wal-Mart (Taalib-Din Uqdah, Chair) - to develop and propose alternative uses for the site

3. Community Benefits Agreement (Beth Pointer, Chair) - to gather points for a Community Benefits Agreement

4. Outreach (Renee Bowser, Chair) - to ensure people are aware of the proposal and take the opportunity to participate

5. Business - to examine the impacts of a WalMart on area businesses and identify ways to mitigate those impacts (still seeking small business chair)

These are not closed committees and anyone is welcome to participate in them (especially residents of surrounding ANCs are invited to participate, since Square 2986 does indeed sit at the epicenter of all four of Ward 4's ANCs. It's located in 4B, but 4A is right across Georgia; 4D is just south of Missouri; and 4C is just southwest, across that hellish intersection of Georgia/Missouri/Colorado/etc.)

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