Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ward Four Thrives Petition Drive Kicks Off

Last weekend dozens of Ward Four Thrives members petitioned outside of a Ward Four Safeway, gathering over 300 signatures against the development of a Wal Mart in the neighborhood. Many weekend shoppers stopped and shared their thoughts with petitioners, citing concern for a DC USA-like traffic disaster, the impact on other businesses, like Safeway, among other concerns.

Also of interest to shoppers and residents has large has been increased interest in the city's own Upper Georgia Avenue Master Plan, which a Wal Mart harshly contradicts. The plan calls for diverse development, specifically siting the Curtis-Chevrolet plan as the key to a successful development of the corridor:

The Curtis Chevrolet site, on the east side of the 5900 block of Georgia, has the greatest potential for new development, especially if adjacent parcels can be assembled or if property owners pursue joint development. The character of the Missouri Avenue area in the future depends on how the site is redeveloped.

Check out an interesting analysis of the report and decide for yourself if Wal Mart fits the bill on the Brightwoodian

And read the plan yourself here.

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