Saturday, January 22, 2011

W4T is so over Michelle

For real, Michelle? Did you have to go and endorse Wal Mart in DC like that? For all of the good ideas out there for bringing more healthy food to our communities, W4T is disappointed you went for Wal Mart. And, not that husband and wife teams need to agree, but Barack hit the nail on the head during his presidential campaign for calling it out as anti-union and bad for workers, or, what did he say, "Unlike the manufacturers who are under enormous competitive pressure from global low-cost producers, Wal-Mart is making enormous profits and yet it has chosen to go with low wages and diminished benefits"

So, Michelle, we're so over you using DC for a national platform about some BS Wal Mart is dishing out on their way to destroying DC businesses and bring in more poverty wage jobs than we can stomach.

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