Monday, December 13, 2010

Why No Wal Mart? Resident Reason #1

Ward 4 Resident Reasons


1. Upper Georgia Avenue is struggling, and the corner of Georgia and Missouri is the most important piece of commercial real estate in the corridor. I want to see something on that corner that will be an anchor for further business development not only on Georgia Avenue but on 14th Street, Kennedy Street, and other nearby commercial nodes. I remain unconvinced that Wal-Mart could be that anchor. Wal-Mart will hurt the businesses that currently exist on Georgia Avenue while preventing other businesses from opening there.

2. I live right around the corner from the site, so the site is *very* convenient for me. Whatever gets built on that site, it's safe to be that I *will* end up going in there from time to time, and I'd prefer that it not be a business that I would feel dirty spending my money in.

3. Some seem to think Wal-Mart will be the cure for what ails Upper GA Avenue, but it's a very short-sighted solution. Yes, it will create jobs, but at the price of losing jobs at the other businesses in the neighborhood that are likely to close

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