Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Why No Wal Mart? Resident Reason # 3


1) Walmart's urban marketing plan exploits issues such as "food deserts" and under-served neighborhoods by offering superficial solutions instead of genuinely healthier food alternatives and good jobs.

2) There are better options for the community that have not been considered for that site.

3) It would be a shame to destroy the small ethnic enclave up there- jerk chicken and currant rolls are good eat'n.

1 comment:

  1. 1. "exploits issues such as 'food deserts.'" You mean brings a solution to the problem of not just food deserts, but retail deserts for all of those who do not have easy transportation options to the suburbs for basic retail items.

    2. Such as?? None of the opponents have floated anything that remotely resembles a viable alternative. Dick Knapp easily slapped down every alternative proposed at the last public meeting. Housing isn't viable in this economy.

    3. "up there?" Someone that lives in the area would call it "Up HERE." Further, WalMart will benefit the small ethnic stores because they won't be competing with them.

    Up HERE, there are plenty of neighbors that support WalMart coming, because it's better than a vacant lot.