Monday, December 13, 2010

Why No Wal Mart? Resident Reason # 2

T.A. Uqdah

1. There are too many for one city. There are 3 other proposed DC locations.

2. The concept behind "to big to fail;" Meaning, after Wal Mart's completed local saturation of the metropolitan region, stores will inevitably close. Like Starbucks before them, the eminent failure or abandonment of a Ward 4 Wal Mart leaves 102,000 sf to fill, with what other single entity? No one else will fill their empty space.

3. There has been no "quid pro quo," no "take it or leave it;" just "take it;" There are no other alternative concepts being vetted.

1 comment:

  1. 1. You mean unlike Safeway, Giant or CVS? Because clearly having too many of those businesses has resulted in them going out of business. Yes, there are four, but dispersed throughout the city because they serve different markets and will be small enough not to compete with one another.

    2. Businesses fail for lots of reasons, given the absolute lack of any retail competition and the grocery competition is the terrible Safeway, means it's highly unlikely that this Wal-Mart will do anything but thrive.

    3. What alternatives do you propose that are viable? There's already a glut of housing in the city. Every other major retailer or food store is already in the area. If traffic is a concern, dense development isn't going to make you happy, this site has on-site, indoor parking.