Thursday, September 8, 2011

Foulger Pratt Issued Stop Work Order on Wal-Mart Development by DCRA

For Immediate Release- Foulger Pratt Issued Stop Work Order on Wal-Mart Development
Developer Caught Deconstructing Site Without Permit
September 8, 2011
Contact: Baruti Jahi (202) 904-7307

Ward Four Thrives members noticed this week that corporate developer Foulger Pratt had begun removing the roof of the Curtis Chevrolet site on Georgia Avenue without posted permits.  W4T subsequently notified the District Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA). Yesterday, the DCRA issued a stop work order to Foulger Pratt regarding their deconstruction on the site for the proposed and highly controversial Wal-Mart.

“Foulger Pratt’s flagrant disregard for due process in developing the Curtis Chevrolet site does not bode well for their presence in our community” says Ward Four Thrives spokesperson Baruti Jahi. “We need solid community partners to develop businesses and good jobs in our neighborhoods, and thus far neither Wal-Mart nor Foulger Pratt have demonstrated even a hint of good will towards the residents of Ward Four.”
The office of planning recently approved Foulger Pratt’s Large Tract Review of the site despite an ANC4B resolution calling for “a binding and enforceable Community Benefits Agreement that will spell out [Wal-Mart’s] commitments with respect to hiring and employment practices, workforce training, contracting, transportation and traffic mitigation, environmentally sound building practices, public safety, small business assistance, community input, and financial support for on-going community programs.”

“The choice isn’t between WalMart and jobs. DC should seek to attempt to bring good community partners to our neighborhoods, especially small business that offer good jobs that allow residents to live where they work. WalMart offers none of these things,” says Ward Four resident and W4T member Renee Bowser.  

Ward Four Thrives is neighbors, business owners, and allies committed to community-led development in Ward Four.

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