Sunday, August 14, 2011

We're asking residents to call Mayor Gray, (202) 727-6300, and tell him we don't want Walmart in Ward 4 -- Instead we want residential friendly development!

THERE ARE ALTERNATIVES TO WAL-MART. These are examples of what might work with the existing infrastructure.

1) Using the historic car barn -- an Eastern Market style complex that can house produce vendors, incubator space for small and local businesses, pedestrian plaza, and arts use.

The car barn (former Curtis Chevrolet) is the largest surviving commercial building in the area – and one of the oldest buildings on Georgia Avenue. It could be the centerpiece of our community!

2) Hyattsville-style pedestrian shopping plaza with local businesses such as market shops and clothing retailers.

Reconfigure the Georgia-Missouri intersection to allow development of the site without overburdening traffic and without displacing existing buildings. This will also increase the street frontage of the property, creating a “town center” facing Missouri Avenue and Emery Park instead of a loading dock for a big box store.

Option 2 can be done with or without saving the historic Car Barn (former Curtis Chevrolet).

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