Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Actions at the Wilson Building, and Community Meeting Tomorrow!

Today a contingent of Ward Four Thrives members took to the Wilson Building. The group organized a string of actions in response to developer Foulger Pratt's submission of the Large Tract Review detailing plans to build a WalMart in Ward Four.

Members staged a press conference outside the building, and then head in to deliver a copy of the 1207 person petition of Ward Four residents against WalMart. This was delivered to the Deputy Mayor Hoskins' office.

W4T representatives then entered the active city council session to deliver 400 yellow, sad face ping pong balls representing the 1200 petition signers to Councilmember Bowser. Security successfully removed the group, but not before two representatives demanded that Muriel Bowser stand up for her constituents against WalMart in Ward Four.

Thanks all W4T members for all the hard work put in before today gathering signatures and attending planning meetings, as well as the effort put out today.

With the Large Tract Review on the books, the need to act is more urgent than ever.

Join us at our biweekly community meeting tomorrow at 6:30 at the Fort Stevens Rec Center at 13th and Tuckerman!

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