Friday, March 25, 2011

Union City covers W4 WalMart

WARD 4 CALLS LATEST WALMART PLAN “TERRIBLE”: Walmart’s latest plan for a store in the District’s Ward 4 is "165 pages of terrible ideas," says Ward 4 Thrives member and community activist Virginia Leavell. "This plan does nothing to address our concerns about poverty wages, the driving out of small businesses, and the traffic nightmare this will cause around the intersection of Georgia and Missouri Avenues," said Michele Baskin, also with Ward 4 Thrives. In response to the plan, released earlier this week, Ward 4 Thrives, along with the Living Wages, Healthy Communities Coalition will be holding a rally at the proposed site (5929 Georgia Ave NW) tomorrow at 10:30a. Check out the Walmart-Foulger-Pratt plan online. - photo: artist's depiction of the Walmart planned for construction on Georgia Ave NW

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